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The Passenger of the Barren Roads | Muhammad Shafiq Ch.

By: Muhammad Shafiq Ch.

The situation has been deteriorating day by day since the beloved homeland was gripped by Corona. Alley, alley, alley, alley. Young people are losing the battle of life. We are intoxicated with our commitment that the business of the state is going on. We are forgetting that the kingdom belongs to them. These are the ones who lose the wheel and business of the state runs. These are the ones who sweats our life, with their hard works and dedications. These are the ones who spend all their lives, so the state goes up. Now is the time to return. It is said that the state is like a mother when difficult time comes, she does not raise her hand. Instead, she hides in the foothills. Make sure all safety measures are in place. Whatever the circumstances. It is the duty of the state to ensure the safety of every citizen. The loss of a single person’s life leaves its mark for decades. The obvious consequences of ending the lockdown are coming to the fore. Despite all the precautionary measures, it could not be avoided.

After passing every few years a new test is read. It proved to be a leaden wall when the nation was united. Where there was a division, there was a division. The process of division not only weakens rather it erases the names and marks. At the time when we were united, we successfully defended the Holy Land. When are fighting, the enemy licked our dust. Whenever there was a difficult time, we did not delay in uniting whether it was the earthquake of October 2005 or the flood of 2010. The nation was united and faced all the calamities and turned red, Earthquakes, floods and even dengue not conquered us. Today we are facing a more severe challenge but unfortunately we are more divided and fragmented than ever.

The government and the opposition are two wheels of the same car that have different ideas and agendas but should move in the same direction. There are two sides to the same page but it is exactly the same. This needs to be understood. In our case, the situation is quite the opposite. The government is heading north and the opposition is moving south. If it continues like this, the distance will be longer and the destination will become more difficult, future generations will have to pay the price. It is known that nations built their values ​​with each passing day. Even after a long journey spanning more than seven decades. It seems that perhaps we are frozen at the very beginning. Neither our values ​​nor our traditions flourish. Sometimes we divided into sects and sometimes we fought in the name of nationality. Sometimes we close door of life on our political rivals and incarceration them. Unfortunately, history does not fall and we do not learn from it. It is said that everything is permissible in war and love. Perhaps, this is the only principle we have adopted but completely forgotten the principle of peaceful coexistence. Remember that whatever is done outside the law, rules and regulations, it cannot be written in golden words in history. The biggest stakeholders in the democratic process are the people and the people are the ones who keep an eye on the government and the opposition. The government and opposition constantly striving to raise the political awareness so that the right to vote is exercised with conscious force instead of political slogans. Unfortunately, in Pakistan democracy is bound by the tyranny of the capitalists. Those on whom the laws are to be applied are busy in making laws, so what a surprise.

Although a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, the situation is deteriorating day by day. There is a greater need for unity than ever before. Political battles must be fought, but this should not be battled to the detriment of the state. There is a dire need to reject the paw test and to start fight at different front with a united and unified strategy. Constructive criticism should not be abandoned wherever correction is necessary that’s the beauty of democracy.

It is more a test of the government’s tactics than the opposition. Dealing with natural disasters and epidemics carries heavy responsibilities on both sides. How are they seasoned? That will determine the politics of the future. In view of the difficulties of the people, there is an urgent need to move forward, ignoring the differences. Encourage your front line workers, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. Provide the right guidance to the people. Otherwise, the passengers of the barren roads will never reach at their destinations.

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  1. Nice sir

  2. Shakeel Mehboob

    Very Nice!!!! It’s real picture.

  3. A very good write up ; as it points out the odd reasons that have handicapped us from becoming a one true nation, it equally addresses the political fault lines and ethno-cultural barriers.

  4. Well said! It depicts the current situation in pakistan in detail.

  5. Well said! It depicts the current situation in detail.

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